Introducing the contextual in-app search feature

Introducing the contextual in-app search feature

Starting today, the Magny command palette platform supports contextual search in apps.

What's a contextual search?

It is basically a way to add any data from your app to Magny, and let users search or take action on it. Since they are dynamically loaded to Magny search bar, they are immediately available to the end user once pushed.

Consider the following two use cases:

  1. Your app is a CRM and you have list of company names, each associated with one or more employees and email addresses. Once you push the company data into Magny, users then can search for a company name and once it matches, they will be able to, e.g, view or edit a company.
  2. Your app is an HR talent management system, and you have a list of employees with usernames, emails and department names. Once you push this data as an array into Magny, HR staff will be able to search for users with their names or email addresses, or search for all users in a department. What they can do is only limited to your imagination.
  3. Your app is a social media management tool and your users manage several social media channels. You want users to search for a particular account. In this case, you can push a list of social media accounts list where end users can search and find them using Magny search bar.

There is an unlimited amount of use-cases where you can load dynamic data into Magny.

This feature is available both for Starter, Pro and Enterprise plans.