Introducing Magny services in the EU region

Introducing Magny services in the EU region

It's no secret that some popular analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, have fallen foul of GDPR regulations in the EU.

That is one reason why we provide Magny as a self hosted option, which helps companies comply with the GDPR.

Previously, Magny cloud users had been limited to a US-based server location. We are now moving to EU region servers (eu-central-1), and US based service option will be served on a needs basis.

This way, any business which needs to comply with GDPR regulations can get up and running in a few minutes, and without the ongoing upkeep required for a self-hosted deployment.

As a result, by default, you'll create a hosting in the EU zone. However, when you would like to move to US, we will help you migrate it (without any cost incurred).

The European Union zone for Magny gives you the ability to locate your servers closer to your team or your end users. Depending on where you and your user base are located, the result may be a demonstrable speed increase.

For existing customers, we are currently building functionality  to migrate their data to Magny US data centre as seamlessly as possible.

If you're a current Magny customer interested in migrating your data to the US data centre, reach out to us to find out more.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a way to change my chosen cluster after I’ve created an app?

Yes, we can migrate the application between US and EU zones without a fee.

Is there any data transferred from the EU to the US?

No. Magny EU Cloud is an entirely independent instance of Magny. All event data, user data, and the product itself, is hosted on our EU-based infrastructure.

What does Magny EU Cloud cost?

There is no change. Please see our pricing here.

I'm an existing Magny user, can I migrate to Magny US Cloud?

For now, migrations are handled by the Magny team. Please get in touch so we can initiate a migration for you.