Magny March update

Magny March update

We have been working on a few updates on Magny. Here are some of the most important updates we have been working on since February.

1. More knowledgebase support

Document indexing settings page

Magny can index documentation sites (thanks to the wonderful open source search engine, Typesense), and can show them after a few keystrokes.

At first, we have started with two environments (Gitbook and Docusaurus), and now we have added Zendesk and Intercom. If you use those two platforms and were waiting for support, you are covered.

Additionally, if there is a knowledgebase integration you'd like us to add, please let us know and we can build it for you.

2. A better user experience during team member invitation

During our QA tests, we realized that users enter their team members' emails for an invitation the way they do in Gmail (e.g put a comma in between). However, the user interface was designed so that you would need to add one for each line.

As this caused issues, we made sure we took care of this by handling commas as well. Now it is harder to make a mistake :-)

3. App theme switching documentation

Magny supports both light and dark themes. This can be achieved using the standard way of handling themes in the browser. However, if you have a custom method of defining app themes, Magny can also honor this. Magny listens to a specific key-value pair in the local storage of the user's browser and sets the theme of the search bar based on the value of that key.

We added documentation about how to handle app themes gracefully in our March update.

There were also a few minor glitches with the user experience, which has been taken care of :-)

We are very delighted to see companies starting to use Magny, and we'll have a list of use-cases and testimonials featuring those companies.

Stay tuned!